Zach Sukuweh, sound vibrational healer

For 22 years, Zach Sukuweh has been working with sound as a healing modality  offering individual and group sessions using the didjeridu, drum and voice.  

After spending extensive time in Australia developing a deep respect for the aboriginal roots and craft of the dijeridu,  he has gone on to perform and teach with world renown musicians and healers most notably with Australian Canadian master didjeridu player, Shine. Together Zach and Shine performed concerts, taught workshops on how to play the didjeridu, and offered sound healing sessions at Hollyhock Leadership Learning Centre, throughout Japan, and along the Pacific Coast of Canada and the US.


Sound Healing is a holistic health term to describe any modality that uses specifically tuned sound frequencies for clearing energetic stagnation from a person's energy system. 

Didjeridu sound healing is a holistic health practice that uses meditation and intention to effect positive changes in a persons mind, body and spirit.  Used by Australian Aboriginal peoples for at least 40,000 years, didgeridu sound vibrational healing is one of the world’s most ancient and powerful healing practices. The didjeridu’s infra sound frequencies have been reported to provide relief to a wide range of joint, muscular, and skeletal related pain. 

Group and Individual Sessions

Enter into the vibratory field of sound as a way to recharge and connect to the breath and body. Come bathe in the sounds created by Zach's hand-crafted drums and didjs, his unique spontaneous vocal stylings and the ethereal sounds of the hang drum. Zach weaves a transformational space in which healing can occur.  

In our sessions, the didjeridu is played directly over and around the body to help release blockages and usher in deep meditative brainwave states where profound healing of the body and mind can occur. 

Space Clearing

If you're wanting to clear the energy of a new space (like a house or office), Zach plays his didjeridu around the space clearing out any old or unwanted energy.


Individual Sessions

Location: Inner Arts Collective

257 Danforth Ave.

First session: $90 for a 50-minute session

Following sessions: $110 for a 50-minute session

Alternative Location: Zach is available to come to you (anywhere within the GTA). Price determined based on location.

Group Sessions

Invite Zach to offer a sound healing for your group or at your event. Contact us with the details of your needs and your vision for pricing.

Check out the events page for information and to register for upcoming group sessions.

Video: Making Sound Visible

In this TED talk, Evan Grant demonstrates the science and art of cymatics, a process for making soundwaves visible.